Everyday money companion for kids


Hibbo – what's in the box

Payment Card

Help your children get confident in using their money, always knowing how much money is left. Works everywhere where MasterCard is accepted. No risk of debt and expensive mistakes.

The Hibbo

Hibbo is a cashless moneybox making digital money visible. It's thrilling to see weekly pocket money being dropped to the savings. With Hibbo children feel the money they have is their own.

Parent App

Get peace of mind knowing how your kids are using money. With the app you can set spending limits and it keeps updated on your kids purchases.

Technology inside Hibbo

Payment Card

MasterCard display card with a button to display current balance on high contrast digital LCD display. Contactless NFC payments (PayPass), Standard EMV 2.0, and Mastercard CSI approval.

The Hibbo

Connected IoT piggy bank. Raspberry PI 3 single board computer, Wi-Fi, full color screen, speaker for speech output, NFC reader, and 3D printed case. Connects to OpenBankProject API (PSD2) via Hibbo cloud.

Parent App

iOS and Android mobile apps. Connects to OP OpenBankProject API. Features include children's account balance, transaction history, usage limits, and QR/AR Pokémon-style money transfer.

Team behind Hibbo

Hibbo was built for OP Financial Group's Ultrahack Fintech Challenge in Ultrahack 2016.

Jaakko Nygren

Kimmo Koivisto

Tuomas Husu

Timo Lehto